Bud Crawford Handles Lundy Rundown 


Bet Lundy is wishing his ass just got pushed back to Philly and he stayed there instead.


How rare is it that I 100% accurately pick a fight? One in a million chance but on Thursday I called for a Craword TKO in the 5th or 6th. He absolutely picked apart Lundy, switching stances, keeping him off balance, finding his range and finally let the dogs loose in the fifth and it was lights out.


You could easily make a argument that Lundy wasn’t good to keep going after that first knock down but fuck it, he talked himself into getting the rest of this ass whooping.


You know it’s bad when the referee has to hit the dab on them to stop the fight.


Biggest question is what’s next for Crawford. Guy is ready to be a bonafide superstar and cross over to Las Vegas and Pay-Per-View. Manny has his “last fight” already lined up, regardless he wants no part of Crawford. From there it could be Lucas Matthysse but I don’t know if that has the power to headline a major Pay-Per-View or not. If he can’t have him or godforbid get Mayweather out of his “retirement” then the next major fight in the star making process for me would be Adrien Broner. Broner’s lost a lot of his draw the last couple years but he is still a star. He fights April first against Ashley Thephane a match he should win. I say from there we get it moving to September vs Broner… In Vegas.

If Crawford had to post this on his Facebook the day before his fight-


Then can you imagine how crazy Vegas will get? What other fighter has to lose focus from the task at hand to make sure his people calm down a little. Rednecks out there saying fuck yo couch all over those City Slicker’s city.

He’s getting bigger by the day in Omaha. Nebraska took over that cold filthy rat infested city in the middle of winter, we could make what Conor McGregor’s Irish fans do look like child’s play in comparison taking over Sin City. So lets do it, load the covered wagons up and take Vegas over this fall.

millions of dollars, millions of dollars



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