People Need To Leave Me Alone For Using A Cricket Phone 

Got a lot of people chirping me after posting the blog last night with that screen shot showing my Cricket logo carrier.

And I’m here to chirp back- get lost. Cricket is the shit. For $65 a month and dealing with no credit I get my unlimited text and talk and 20gigs of data. That’s like $900 when you go over on Sprint.

So yeah I may be a poor person, whateves, but Cricket has done right by me since I got them… Sure a couple months ago driving across Wyoming with the “No Service” light flashing was legitimately terrifying. For real east to west across the interstate, not a single bar. Two radio stations playing 80s Country music (Not so bad, I see you Dwight Yokem).

You think there is nothing in Nebraska?

  Wyoming makes us look like Manhattan on New Year’s Eve. I was a blown out tire from just walking into the mountains and joining an Indian tribe, cult or dying… Whatever goes on in Wyoming.

Do gotta admit, Google searching Cricket and Poor People hurt when that first result popped up. Did the guy have to throw that “LMAO” all caps in there? Brutal for the ego, brutal.


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