Rumors Running That Rousey’s ‘Roadhouse’ Remake Is Postponed

From one of the Internets most reliable news sources – Reddit


Has anyone heard anything about this? My friend works closely with the writer(Nick Cassavetes) and said that hes not even started writing it yet. He has two other projects in development and the movie is currently lost in development hell. He said nobody else has been cast or approached to even finance the movie and so has carried on with two other projects he has been working on.

After seeing this picture of Ronda Rousey today I’d claim to have not started writing the movie yet either. You can’t just come outright and say “Yeah, she put on 45 pounds. In Roadhouse we’re selling a tough sex symbol not a robust, suicidal chick who just got her ass kicked a few months ago” so yeah, no shit you haven’t “started writing it” look at her-

From her Vice “Queen of All Media” spot this week –

I’m not going to make the “Roundhouse” joke because that’s just low hanging fruit. Too easy. I’m not in the business of cheap shots and fat shaming a chick, or any business at all really… I write three blogs with a ton of effort over the weekend running down the MMA and Boxing that do 3,000 total views.  Then in 15 hours since I posted the Hot Blonde At Raw it has done 6,000 views.  Just shows sex sells and here Ronda is out there squandering hers.

It was questionable in the first place to have her star in the movie, but in this current form she couldn’t wash Swayze’s Six-Pack.

Road House (1989)

That fucking hair too. Salon quality.
I think Miesha Tate(+200) is getting that Women’s Championship from Holly Holm this weekend too. Miesha is one of the mean girls, the current Ronda will not want to step foot into a room with her. With her fragile mental state she may really break from getting taunted by a 10 who she has beat twice and she can’t even get down to weight to challenge for it again (or vs Holm at that).  Shit, Cyborg is going to have to come up in weight at this point for a fight.

(Rumors Running Rouseys Roadhouse Remake was a hell of a tongue twister)


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