Too $hort Is Some Kind Of Pro Bowling Charity Stud Now

The research into this tweet went pretty much just into the HashTags ClarkPBA posted. So we’ll just assume that he is some kind of Pro Charity Bowler who has his ears tuned to the inner workings of the PBA.

I wound up in some kind of weird Twitter wormhole and ran into this tweet…

Just outrageous. One of the last people I’d ever expect to pop up on some kind of PBA Charity Tour being hosted by Chris Paul. Short Dogg, a smooth rapping pimp from Oakland. What a time to be alive. You have to look at and appreciate the form, the little bunny hop followed by a classic fall to the ground so you can do a push up and show your muscles off. Can’t teach a pimp new tricks.

Gotta love the PBA taking Too $hort’s pimp and drug money too for charity. It all spends the same.

BTW- Is there any doubt $hort Dogg had this chick out on the corner slanging pie right after the event? You can’t throw him a look like that and not expect to be turning tricks for him by midnight. The power of a strong pimp hand.




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