Crazy Kansas City Cat Lady Has 26 Cats Seized 

Bananas story here. I think the most shocking part is it taking part in Kansas City rather than Council Bluffs. Well no, the most shocking part of it is that her having 26 cats taken away isn’t the most shocking part… So a local man at a laundromat told her she can just move into the duplex with her 26 cats, no running water and electricity that he had no rite to give away!? And she was like alright, cool?  Is the Real Estate market in that much trouble? Is that what we’re doing now? Can I just say I have my Real Estate License, head over to Wash World and start throwing property out free of charge like a young Bernie Sanders?  I think I’m more interested in that guys story than the Crazy Cat Lady here. You know he wound up bedding her on one of those filthy couches, what a game he is running. Screw Tinder. Hitting the bar tonight to throw out free rental properties.

Oh and you gotta love her saying she’s not a “Crazy Cat Lady”, well you know who says they aren’t Crazy Cat Ladies? Crazy Cat Ladies. That’s who.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m calling the KC Pet Project to see if Magic or Jilly Bean are still available.


Chill on the spray tans bro. Nobody is that golden brown on a cold March day in Kansas City.


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