Ralston Police Make Major Drug Bust! 




(RPD deletes tweet)

I’m not too sure what happened here. The amazing Ralston Police Department made a huge drug bust seizing like 1/2 a gram of weed, puffing their chest out and pounding it. Getting that off the mean streets of Ralston was really something to be proud of. I congratulated them on the high profile score and they delete their tweet????

Can’t be too sure why though? So I just needed to get this blog up, with the power of the screen shot game and twitter these kind of moments can and will live on forever.

So keep doing your thing Ralston PD. Thank you for keeping those streets safe. If someone is jay walking tonight or walking a dog without a leash I know I can count on you guys to see it, take matters into your own hands and apprehended the perpetrator. Don’t shy off from posting more bravado on the internet either, people love swagger and confidence today. Just look at Conor McGregor.

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