MMA Weekend Rundown Part 1 (Bellator 151, UFC 197 Presser & WeighIns)


Tom Lawlor won the start of the week with this shirt from his press tour interview with MMAJunkie.

The Pre Fight presser wasn’t too eventful for much other than the studs asking questions. Eat your heart out world.

The greatest trick Criss Angel ever pulled was convincing the world he isn’t an MMA reporter.

Conor and Diaz got into it when they squared off after.

Conor can hold his own of course but his crew needs to be thankful all of Stockton didn’t get up there and just wreck shop ruining the entire event.

But Nate saying “You’re playing touch-butt with that dork in the park.” was an all time insult and was a perfect volley to a lot of McGregor’s trash talk.

Then the Weigh Ins more of the same, that’s one for flinching Conor


Love Filthy Tom, going to be riding with him as a +240 dog tomorrow. Hope he puts it on Corey Anderson like he did years ago in the TUF house to Dave Kaplan.

Onto Bellator 151. Going to just place bets as I go, nothing looks too great at first glance. Just play by my awful instincts and lose that way this time around.

“Baby” Joe Taimanglo with some A+ hair to kick things off won as a +320 Underdog by unanimous decision over Zairean Kakai. I should have seen that hair and bet on him immediately but I’m an idiot.

Got in on Bubba Jenkins next at +120 vs Goiti Yamauchi. He cashed fairly easily 2 rounds to 1 on my card. Pretty nondescript fight. Jenkins advises people to go help him out at TipAFighter.Com. Fighters asking for fans to help pay them? A sad state of affairs for fighter pay.

With the dog taking the first two my hands are tied, have to take the favorite -130 Gilbert Smith over Fernando Gonzalez up next. The world needs balance, that’s gambling 101.

Extremely close fight 29-28 Smith, 29-28 Gonazlez and 29-28 Gonzalez. Came down to the third round which was as close to a coin flip you can have. Another pretty boring fight. The highlite had to be the first round when Smith was dealing with his wardrobe malfunction.


Darrion Caldwell -550 over Joe Warren into some parlays tied to UFC 197. Caldwell is one of Bellators best prospects at Bantamweight.

As expected Caldwell absolutely dominated the former champion 3:23 into the first round. An absolute mauling, Warren was made to look like an amateur by Caldwell. Suplex him, break his back and make him humble.

“Fuck You Marcus, You’re a Pussy” Caldwell said to Bantamweight champion Marcos Galvao after.

Now on to Saturday Night. The DMX promo is excellent. DMX could narrate my grandmothers funeral and I’d be hype. Only thing that is missing was a couple “OK!!!” & “WOOF WOOF!” adlibs. Back with a 197 Rundown on Sunday.


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