The Legend of Nate Diaz Continues To Grow

Saturday night greeting Joe Rogan and the rest of the world with “I’m Not Surprised Mother Fuckers” after taking the fight to Conor McGregor and choking him out should have been as cool as one man can get.

Then he posts proof ten days before the fight he was on a boat with Gil Milendez and their crew drinking tequilla. Not exactly coming in at peak fight shape.

And finally after catching a little shade from Bieber, Nate calls him out today. Someone in Biebers crew need to check him. The 209 does not play around, they will run up on you and all your bodyguards with little to no regard for the law.

Biebers a hater πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

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All of that and he is still back in the gym already training today. I’d have taken a solid 8 months off after a night like that.

Couple rounds I got in wit @chrisavilaubz ..

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Dana needs to take his head out of his ass, quit his pouting and get to promoting Nate Diaz. This guy may not talk with the eloquence that Conor can but he has that crossover superstar potential. What you see is what you get, nothing fake about him.

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