KMTV Continues To Have The Best Website Out

I was thinking about grabbing the latest info on those Elephants who are on the way to Omaha. Maybe size them up and name them before anyone else had a chance to. See if anyone has any sweet pot hole complaints or there cool court room brawls today. So I naturally log into the KMTV Website. Naturally they are “Omaha’s News Leader” and give us “More Complete Coverage” so I start my days off with their website. They’re more committed to giving good news first than actually designing a decent looking website. That’s how you know KMTV is down in the gutter dealing with what’s most in important.

Well today, today I got more than I asked for. KMTV’s website hit me with more than I bargained for…


That’s it! That’s what matters! My mind is so fucked for looking to get any other news in the first place. This pops up and I had to check myself. I had literally no clue there was a movement going for Fetty Wap to perform at Nancy Regan’s. I’m supposed to be in tuned with the streets here, but it’s so appropriate. So 2016. Then a definition of ‘Trap Queen’ to go with it just in case I was 40 and didn’t already know what a ‘Trap Queen’ was.

So thank you KMTV for that information today. I can totally live with your 1998 website going forward if you keep your ears to the streets for me.


Take us away Fetty!


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