Can’t Wait To Turn Up At This Minneapolis Water Bar

It may seem odd for a bar to only serve water on tap, but that’s what’s happening at the world’s first Water Bar in Minneapolis. Organizers hope to get the community talking about water safety measures. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Oh gimme a hell yeah!

That’s what I’m talking about right there. The social atmosphere of a club with Scientists, Artists and Hipsters rather than Frat Boys, Whores and Drunks. Exactly what I need in my nightlife atmosphere.

My only question is when I have a little too much Colorado Spring Water and start close talking to women, jamming the jukebox with Nickelback and pissing my pants what are they going to do?  Or more importantly what am I going to do? If I’m out in a public atmosphere I have the crutch of alcohol for my social awkwardness and juvenile behavior. Blaming alcohol has always been my way of taking responsibility, a little h2o isn’t going to excuse that behavior. Maybe if they have some of that rare breed Flint water on tap I can just indulge in enough of that to start behaving like I’m on Bath Salts in addition to my usual terrible public behavior. Can’t be mad at me for that.


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