Kelly Clarkson On A Boat, I mean Kelly Clarkson Is The Size Of A Boat



I hope that boat is equipped with life jackets. Those Asians probably can’t swim well. I don’t know if that’s a stereotype or not but they can’t drive for shit so I’d imagine their swimming sucks too. Mutually exclusive I guess. But yo, what the hell happened to Kelly Clarkson!? I know she may be pregnant but she obviously let herself go well before then. Get it together Kelly!


I used to love chicks who wore these type of shirts. You would usually find them at County or State fair and that type of shirt meant they were up for drinking Budweiser til 4 am, you could go ghost on them after not ever call back or even think about them again until the next fair when they’re now lugging around some shitty kid you have to measure up and make sure is less than 3 months old. In layman’s terms, that shirt = one night stand.

And look this blog may have come off mean spirited or like I was fat shaming but I wasn’t. I’m only trying to make her stronger. Bounce back Kelly.


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