Today In Trump

Donald Trump Has Close Call in Dayton, Secret Service Steps in to Protect

When someone rings your doorbell.

The guy was scared shitless and as his momentum keeps gaining stuff like this is just going to keep on happening. Better increase security dude.

I was watching that clip and on the YouTube play next it roped me into the live feed of his Cleveland rally right after and it was just downright crazy. He had some black preacher up there who was whipping that crowd (and me tbh) into a frenzy. The dude was electric. If Trump has any brains at all he makes whoever that old preacher brother was his VP. He was electric! He introduced Trump to some electric WCW Jobber Entrance music from 1995.

I’ve been wondering who these people are supporting  Trump for a while now and there they were. Cheering his every word, the comment section spamming “Win  Win Win” and “Build a Wall” emoji pictures over and over. So there they are, I still haven’t met any in person. Just weird to see them live, interacting with the man and supporting



It’s 2pm right now, I really hope I don’t have to do a Today in Trump Part 2 a little later.

What a time to be alive.


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