Hitting up @MeanStreetsOma For St. Pattie’s Day In Omaha (There Was A Naked Dude In a Tree)

One of my favorite blogs to write. Combing through the @MeanStreetsOma twitter feed of Omaha News and Police Scanner activity on days that my people can’t act right. If you missed previous editions we have the amazing Halloween night and then New Years Eve breakdowns as well.

As you may have guessed, most of the people tweeted about here did not follow my 17 Tips for St Patrick’s Day drinking in Omaha.

We pick things up at 2 AM on St. Patrick’s Morning.

It’s like the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. This dude grabbed his trombone to play in the drunks and madness that would be ensuing the next 24 hours.


HA! And I’d like a Million bucks and World Peace.


That’s the Holiday spirit! Can’t pinch that dude, he went as far as to jack him a green ride to celebrate the day.  “Good Cars For Nice People” is kind of entrapment too though right? Dude probably thought they were just wanting to help him out, don’t be all passive aggressive and now want to press charges.


+ That guy beat me.




To be honest I was more surprised there was a Kohl’s on 29th and Leavenworth than some dude was passed out behind it. Then after a little research (google) I realized it’s the Pharmacy. Made much more sense. I was close to pausing the blog and going down there to grab some new V-Necks for the weekend.


That’s just mean. You know, I know, we all know he wasn’t calling for a ride, London.


3 PM on a Thursday!


No harm, no foul.



Your first instinct may be like hey dude, get a grip you’re climbing in the tree naked. Get ahold of your life, get into rehab you know? But screw that. This dude obviously just saw that Adorable Kitty that got rescued in LaVista the previous evening.


I mean what did this guy do differently than that little cat? You want to arrest or ticket him then you have to arrest the cat too. Guy just had a few early drinks and climbed a tree naked in the middle of nowhere.

That last image of him walking away is incredible as well.



Or maybe…


Once I hit publish on this I may go uproot that tree, I wanna know where the gold at? I want the gold, gimme the gold. I want the gold… Or I guess could be a crackhead that got hold to the wrong stuff?


It’s about this time every other post is coming with Leavenworth as the location. Notice I only listed 114th Dodge, Downtown, Benson and 72nd as places to hit yesterday? Leavenworth is a mess… Also doesn’t “Intoxicated” go without saying at this point?


Idiot. You are gonna commit crimes today you wear green, that’s criminal 101- blending in. Gonna be the only dude at Corrections getting booked in red.




Love the vitriol here, I think this dude may have been more pissed that some assholes were driving around in a mini van than hitting the parked car.



That’s not “Professional Grade


Leavenworth is like Baghdad at this point. Thank god I rarely go east of 72nd. I’m too soft, too much of a pussy.



You promise endless shrimp you deliver Red Lobster, this is on you guys. It’s 9:45 when this call comes in you just can’t tell her you’re closing at 10. Lemon Pepper, Grilled, Buttered, she wants it all.


Pretty sure this is a Winchester call any day at any hour. Tuesday at 1 PM and I wouldn’t be surprised if this cuckolded dude’s old lady is inside Winchester drinking Budweiser’s smoking unfiltered cigs while refusing to leave with Steve.


Passsing out is the best thing to happen to this dude. Sure you’re going to lose thousands from the DUI and regret the day for the rest of your life but throwing Taco Bell on top of Corned Beef and 12 hours of booze would have cost you a new colon in the morning.


Not the time exactly to bring the issue up but maybe some actual public transportation in this city would help a little bit?


WTF who is he Andrew Dice Clay? Was the cigarette made of iron?


New Balances for Bob Barkers. Love security with the assist. Pretty sure they had him without you dude, the perpetrator definitely got his head rubbed extra hard into the gravel by that dude.


Groundhog’s day at this point, over the last few posts it’s pretty much DUI stops over, over, over and over again with a few loud parties I wasn’t invited to mixed in so we’ll wrap it up there. Plus after posting that Breakfast Club Judd Nelson pic I’ve been listening to Simple Minds “Don’t You” on repeat. Time to go lose the rest of my money betting March Madness.


Shout out to @MeanStreetsOma for the content, please share and retweet if you enjoyed and follow me @HypeGotti on twitter.

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