UFC Fight Night 85 Rundown


Big news this week is Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz are possibly setting up a rematch for UFC 200. Huge let down here. If I’m Frankie Edgar I’m pissed off, the guy has earned his title shot and is just being held on the sideline waiting for Conor. Even the Aldo rematch makes sense to me, get that title back in play. Conor got starched by Diaz on 11 days notice in 9 minutes if he gets a rematch why doesn’t Aldo?  Conor has the UFC by the balls though and gets what he wants. Uncle Dana can’t say no and do what’s best for the brand, has to stroke Conor’s ego.  And even if Conor does get him this time around which is a good chance if it’s at 155, now do we have a third match at the New Years show? An entire year of a fight trilogy nobody particularly cared for after the first two?

Anderson Silva will be facing Uriah Hall at UFC 198 in Brazil. Not that match-up you want if you’re Anderson. That feinting, playing around and shit will get Anderson seriously injured vs a guy like Hall if he shows up on his game. But that’s always a 50/50 shot with Hall. All the talent in the world but rarely has it all going for consecutive fights.

Anyways to UFC Fight Night 85 from Australia. Not entirely sure the purpose of the show.

The prelims and Fight Pass card were all largely nothing fights. Ross Pearson won a decision in a decent scrap with Chad Leprise. Above -500 favorite “Damn” Daniel Hooker got a choke in a minute.

Bec Rawlings won in the FX oppener, she was out there looking like a modern day Luna Vachon.

-500 Alan Jouban starched some jobber without even ruffling his perfectly gelled up hair.

I'm bossayyyyy #ufcfightnight #fightnight85

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Steve Bosse +200 Underdog, a former hockey enforcer flatlined James Te Huna.


+320 Dog upset. Very rare to see someone take a 10-8 Round 1 in MMA and go on to lose the fight but it happens twice here. Antonio Carlos Jr. a young prospect and winner of some TUF Season in Mexico got beat by a Outback Steakhouse shift manager named Daniel Kelly. Carlos nickname is “Shoeface” and the announcers repeating it over and over again became so annoying I was happy to see him get finished in the third round after I’m pretty sure Kelly faked getting hit in the nuts. Prospect tag removed.


Jake Matthews (21) and Johnny Case (26) had just an awesome lightweight fight. Matthews got the finish in the third while being down two rounds. Fight is worth checking out if you can catch a replay.

Not even sure where to start on Neil Magney vs Hector Lombard. Probably the worst officiating and judging going on simultaneously in MMA history. Lombard dominated a clear 10-8 in round 1. I don’t think many people would have had any issue with the fight being stopped from ground and pound. Then in round two Magney comes back and arguably wins a 10-7 round. NINETY UNANSWERED PUNCHES. The referee was starring in his own Making a Murderer series here, completely inept. The judges all score it 10-9 for Magney. Do you have to pull out a knife and kill someone in Australia to get a 10-8? Magney went on to finish it in the third pretty quickly, I think the ref knew he really just fucked up. Congrats on your brain damage though Lombard.


A fairly entertaining card overall, wish they just kept these moving on a little faster. I saw the Cormier/Jones promo no less than eight times… Magney, Jouban and Matthews are all on the comeup and Mark Hunt, well…

Mark Hunt is just cool as a motherfucker.




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