Dolph Ziggler & Kane’s “COUNTDOWN” Looks Amazing

This isn’t even a movie it’s a film. Films are for classy people, people with good taste, people in the Finer Things Club like myself(nah I’m White Trash). Give me this over that boring ass Spotlight movie that won the Oscar any day of the week. An absolute shame its straight to Blu-Ray. I would have been on Fandango and got my opening night tickets to go, dress up and camp out.

Kane and Ziggler are cops who are trying to catch someone at a Monday Night Raw event where the New Day, Lucha Dragons, The Accension and other wrestlers are still wrestlers, but Kane and Ziggler are cops?  So many plot holes there are really none. Genius plot.


I’d imagine Hollywood executives creamed themselves when they saw Rusev holding the glock. Americas next top villain in Hollywood. Can’t wait to see him vs the Rock in Face/Off 2. Natural progression.


Wrestling viral video idea- someone pulls a gun on you and you hit them with the Superkick. Be quick to it though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Joey Ryan does it this afternoon on some Calabasas indie show in front of 12 people and has 12 million views by tomorrow night.

PS- This movie is a complete failure if there isn’t a scene with Cop Kane walking into a room with Demon Kane and having that awkward silent nod to the Smart Marks watching.


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