I Fixed The 2017 Nebraska License Plate

The State is in an uproar over the new plates with this statue exposing himself. It’s not that bad if you ask me. License plates are nothing other than tools for police to entrap you. Get that thing dirty as hell, never wash your ride and never have to worry about that.

Ok, so that is a little odd. Looks like a guy with a case of elephantiasis… But that’s cool, we can be the Big Ol’ Balls State as a secondary slogan to The Good Life. Don’t bother me.

Nothing was better than those early 90’s joints though. I was always thinking I’d look so cool when I got my license being able to drive around with those plates on.


Since I’m such a good dude I decided to fix next years plates though. No big deal, Pro Bono free of charge Ricketts.


Bet you I spent five more minutes on that than time went into the original tbh.





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