Tim Kennedy Chokes Steve-O Out, Ferguson Out Vs Khabib & More…

Rough couple weeks for the Jackass boys as just last week I posted Bam Margera’s appearance on some D level celebrity rehab show on VH1. Bam has completely fell off the deep end looking like a 40 year old Phil. Now Steve-O had UFC Fighter and one of the biggest hard-o’s going today Tim Kennedy choke him out at his comedy show and Kennedy dropped him like a sack of shit.

Surely Steve-O asked for it but how about a little care for dude when you drop him? C’mon man, that’s a national treasures fate in your arms.

In other UFC news Yoel Romero’s suspension has been lightened to six months. Him and Kennedy have been in a war of words for a long time now. Perfect fight

Also another Hype Gotti year prediction that looks to have been derailed before it even got going- Tony Ferguson being a title holder at Lightweight before 2017. He’s pulled out of his upcoming fight with Khabib on April 23rd with fluid and blood on his lung. Sucks, I was really looking forward to it. My prediction will have to just be wrong next year I suppose. Leave it to  Donald Cerrone to step in and attempt to save the day  –


Get it done Dana.

Been away on work for the last week, going to get back to updating this more frequently. Best thing about being away is not covering that Cormier/Jones timeline/mess over the last week. Jones ticketed, Jones to jail, Cormier hurt, OVP in to face Jones. Oye.


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