German Suplex Onto Concrete VS Powerbomb Into Floor


A classic case of a Broken Neck vs CTE.

Give me the CTE every single time. I’ve conservatively had 10 concussions in my life courtesy wrestling. Explains why I keep clicking off and back on this blog only forgetting what I was typing about.  It’s not that big a deal but I’m probably half way done with my life anyways, what do I need all this memory and brain for anyways?  I’ve probably hit my max for learning, the old memory tank is just slowly leaking to empty now.

What I do need is a good neck, that’s why I have a luxury $90 pillow, other than my car, phone and laptop my single most expensive possession. You can’t risk having a bad neck all day from a shitty $1 pillow.

The picture perfect form on that Pool German Suplex means nothing when you’re bridging your head to the concrete. That’s pool wrestling moves 101, you go into the pool with your opponent and hold them down underneath the water a little bit. Unless he was going German Suplex then following it up with a dive onto his opponent it was just poor planning. At least the powerbomb victim was picking a fight with a clearly bigger opponent, nobody expected him to win. Playing with house money, if this is 15 years ago he probably could have forgot it ever happened with relative ease. But thanks to today’s age

But for real that bridge. Real life Crippler shit.

cbbridgedsuplex  benoit_3


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