Grand Island Grandmother Ties Her 3 Year Old To Pole Outside Motel

Lincoln Journal Star
GRAND ISLAND — Grand Island officers have given a grandma some unsolicited advice about leashing her grandchild to a pole: Don’t.

The officers were sent to a motel around 4:30 p.m. Sunday after a 911 caller reported seeing the child on a leash there. The officers say the woman had safely attached the child leash to the pole so the child wouldn’t wander onto U.S. 30 nearby. She didn’t want the 3-year-old to get hurt.

But Sgt. Tony Kuiper said the leash could have posed a problem had the child fallen or gotten snagged on something while not being supervised.

The officers told the woman that leashing the child to the pole just wasn’t as safe as she thought. They didn’t issue her a citation.

Why don’t these cops just mind their own business?  Grandma wasn’t looking for your advice here dudes. No harm, no foul.

I mean what else was she supposed to do?  Let the three year old come inside to watch her hit the crack pipe or witness some Grand Island John turn Granny out? What kind of example does that set?  Oh what, leave the child in the car? Sunday was beautiful out, some hero in a cape would have probably come and smashed the windows to let the kid out and babysitters? Well babysitters cost a fortune these days plus how can you trust any of these kids to watch over your child this day and age? A kid is certainly better off sitting around alone than while some 14 year old sits their on the phone posting Snap Chat stories while the house nearly burns down.

So 4:30 in the afternoon, sun is still out I approve of this method or child protection. So many terrible other methods she could have taken to protecting the kid the leash will have to do.

(Full disclosure- This story was too funny not to post, I don’t think my post was funny at all. I’m unable to focus, got wrapped up in this Showtime drama Billions and it has most of my attention. Kinda wish I would have run into this three year old grandchild tied to a leash outside a motel story another day.)


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