Kevin Matthews Put Larry Dallas In A BodyBag Last Night

For some unknown reason Independent Wrestling Manager Larry Dallas decided to go after Northeast Indie Wrestler Kevin Matthews tonight… Well there was a reason, Matthews was on his podcast “2 And A Half Wrestlers” with Pat Buck and J-Silva all the way back in September of 2014 and made fun of Larry Dallas.

You can listen to the podcast HERE. (Warning if you’re easily offended this probably isn’t the podcast for you, but then again how did you wind up at my blog if you’re easily offended?)

I vividly remember laughing so hard at one point while listening I had to unrack the squat machine and step away(yeah I used to do legs, hardooooo). They make fun of Larry Dallas for among other things flying himself to Japan to play manager on a Wrestling show and use that as his claim to fame here in the states. A pay to play type guy. Anyone who has spent any time on the wrestling scene will know these kind of guys who do anything to get themselves over and be “one of the boys” if you’re in the business I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. And if not, it’s probably you.

We got things kicked off with Larry Dallas just a quick 20 months later finally replying to the podcast.

Shots fired! Not enough, Dallas goes back for more.


The second craziest part of that tweet is him having a national radio show, huh?!?

Matthews gets out the body bag a few hours later and is about to toss Dallas in. No waiting a year and a half, KM put him down in just a few tweets here…


OK It’s getting bad



No reply from Dallas… But the cynic gets the best of me. As I go to publish the blog I see this…


Angle alert? Ahhhh, what a waste. I really hope not, if they are “wrestling” at the WrestlePro show on April 23rd I won’t be covering it. But if we get some fun “Wetarded Manager” banter over the next few weeks with no match I’m all in.

Quick update – Matthews assured us everything was legit seconds after this was posted. It’s still real to me damnit. 

So if Dallas does accept I think I know where I’m flying to see me a fight for my birthday on the 23rd. (especially since no Cormier/Jones the 23rd my plans are out on that show).


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