Saturday Boxing Rundown (Joshua/Martin & Pacquiao/Bradley)

First off, there was a murder in the Ukraine last night. I know it says brutal KO but that’s just posturing, those Ukrainian letters and words next to the video in the tweet definitely confirmed it was murder.

That’s a murder in cold blood if I’ve ever seen one…

I’ve been on the Anthony Joshua train for a while now. Dude is bodied up and an absolute superstar just about ready to cross Heavyweight Boxing back to the main stream. Tonight he got his first shot at a Heavyweight title – the IBF Heavyweight title vs Charles Martin. Joshua went off as a -500 favorite.


Joshua entered the O2 Arena in London first with a sleek white on white combo to Biggie, Ma$e and Diddy ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ a solid B+ entrance.

The Champ Charles Martin was out next to “Whoa Whoa” by Young Sizzle looking like King Barrett and unfortunately for him the match went just like King Barrett’s King of the Ring run. Full disclosure I was initially going to go with the King Mabel joke but that could be construed as racist, I had to leave that alone.



As you may assume by now after winning the first Joshua took him apart in the second with two straight knockdowns. After the second one Martin was there but didn’t want any more of Joshua.


When you get home after a long day of work as your shows are starting.

Joshua is an absolute superstar in the making and legitimately can bring Heavyweight boxing back. There is something for him in the works July 9th the same day as the Klitschko/Fury rematch & UFC 200. Loved him hitting the Jordan Shrug after the second knockdown.



Before we get to Manny vs Bradley lets check in on Adrien Broner.


I swear this rat dickhead is trying to look like King Joffrey.


Broner is the one guy on the planet who could make Mayweather look like a swell good old guy. Floyd would be a 1989 Hulk Hogan if American got a taste of this dickheads antics on the big stage. I’d still love to see Crawford dismantle him as well in the good name of Omaha. 4

Anytime you can kick a PPV off with two guys nobody has ever heard of and you get a quick KO it’s a good sign.


Now in the name of Diaz vs McGregor 2 it’s another rematch nobody asked for. Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley part three, Pacquiao is a -200 favorite.

Big fight vibe going in it was not. Instead of Michael Buffer we got dime store Mexican Buffer, the Japanese guys from Kramer’s dresser singing the Philippine National Anthem and the winner of this year’s American Idol for the US Anthem.

Michael Bradley comes out to DJ Khaled’s ‘All I Do Is Win’ about the most played out, boring, not excitable song ever. Appropriate I guess. But, no match for ‘Thunderstruck’ as Manny smiles bouncing to the ring. Really was hoping 2-Pacquiao would have sang some shitty Philippine karaoke to the ring for us just once though.

Manny’s shirt says “Jesus Is The Name Of The Lord”


………… This guy man.

The fight started off slow but got going with an awesome fifth round. Both guys were busy, moving, trading and landing. Manny scored kind of a cheap knockdown in the seventh where Bradley’s hands slipped to the ground and got a little push from Manny giving Manny the 10-8. Round eight was another really good round where Bradley was going for it, a huge flurry head hunting by Bradley.

Bradley kept chasing in the ninth, clearly dropped again no controversy there and is clearly behind on the cards. Manny is looking fantastic, this Pac-Man vs Floyd may have been a different fight.

Bradley seemed discouraged from there and had nothing left to give. Manny is going to be a Senator in the Philippines. This fight ultimately did nothing to advance anyone or create any new stars if Manny really does retire.

I did appreciate my guy Terrence Crawford going to task for his boy Bradley on Twitter. This tweet was headed to the last round…

Yeah, you think man? 

All three judges got it right and scored it 116-110 each. A screw job there would have been awful even by the expected standards of boxing.

Back Sunday with a UFC Fight Night 86 Rundown. I’ll let my guy Joe in Bugaha take us out-



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