UFC Fight Night 86 Rundown

In case you missed it – the Saturday Boxing Rundown (Manny/Bradley and Joshua/Martin)
Before we get to the UFC show lets check in on someone literally taking a dive in a Russian MMA fight.

Almost had em.

Guess who?

Oh, hey Thiago Silva? Supposedly… He won a decision on that Russian MMA card today. I don’t really believe that’s him though. But if so, damn how far has he fallen?

Big week for heavyweights not only do we have Fight Night 86 from Croatia featuring four  Heavyweight Fights on the main card but we get Frank Mir popped by USADA. After what Mark Hunt did to him who even cares? Let the man live, he probably didn’t get the remainder of his face scraped off the octagon yet. Mir is going with the story that it was some Kangaroo Meat he ate. Being they were in Australia I guess he could have come up with a worse excuse. One of those it’s so crazy it just may work long shot lies, I’m not mad at it. But there were like 11 other Australian fighters on the card, you’d think they pop for Kangaroo Meat too. Then again their bodies probably metabolize it like we do water, just coming up their entire lives on Kangaroo meat.

Anyways onto Fight Night 86, Junior Dos Santos by the eye and performance test has for sure got the memo to put the Steroids/Kangaroo Meat away from USADA.

Looking like me now Junior… not a good look (for a pro fighter)

It’s really garbage that they are having a card from Croatia without a Mirko Cro Cop fight on the card. Yeah, he’s suspended for two years for doping but come on. You can’t sneak him through the Croatian commission as Dirko MoMop and let him throw a few round house kicks in his home country? Looking like a European Assassin in that suit though.

Lots of fighters with no vowels in their names and lots of syllables I’m skipping over just looking through the good finishes.

The -300 Favorite Mairbek Taisumov crushed Damir Hadzovic with a knockout uppercut and you bet your ass their names were a copy and paste job there.

Had a good old fashioned greasing scandal(greasing is when someone lubes up to become more slippery and avoid grappling of the opponent) during Ian Entwistle and Alejandro Perez.

This fucker was yelling and screaming from the bottom about Perez being greased while barely defending himself and wound up verbally submitting. The referee isn’t your mom and Perez isn’t your big brother dude. You can’t just get stood up and start over.

“The Killa Gorilla” Jared Cannonier absolutely mauled Cyril Asker. One rule in life I’ve successfully implemented is not fighting someone nicknamed “The Killa Gorilla” things have went well.

WTF Ref? I mean come one, had to Knock him out once, wake him up and do it all over again before it was stopped.

Local to Kansas City guy Zac Cummins got a decision victory and Jan Blachowicz got a very entertaining win over Igor Pokrajac. I feel like Igor is the Joe or John of Croatia. Every other guy is named Igor out there. Shocked we didn’t have five Igors on the card. In a fight with two of the coolest names ever Curtis Blaydes and Francis Ngannou was stopped by the doctor before the third when Blaydes couldn’t see out of his right eye. Was a pretty fun scrap up until there. Blaydes argued the stoppage but like dude, you know you can’t see right? The Doctor held his fingers up and Blaydes grabbed them to count how many there were.  Great moment where they brought the wrong translator in for Ngannou after the fight and he says “I don’t know what he just said” gives a lot of credit to my theory that translators are just hustling out there.

I’ve been on the “BlackBeast” Derrick Lewis train for a while now. He’s one of the most entertaining fighters on Social Media. Hopefully Dana doesn’t put an end to him being an interesting character.

Gonzaga executed a pretty good game plan with keeping Lewis in close and grappling for the first four minutes and forty five seconds but after a separation Lewis uncorked on him. Lewis has SIX knockouts in the last two years, most in the UFC and he’s absolutely terrifying.  Like an Anthony Johnson if he never went down to the eight other weight classes he’s fought in.

In the post fight Lewis tells the translator “I’m English I don’t understand” after he translated the question for the audience, naturally funny guy. He went to say “Roy Nelson I’m coming for you you Fat Fu….” catching himself before getting a fine.

In the Main Event, Junior Dos Santos out to the Rocky theme. Rothwell upstaged him with some comic book movie theme or something. Probably Star Wars. A+ for the originality.

On point.

JDS looked awesome through the first three rounds.  No roids a good call this time around. At the end of the second round he hit a Sparta Kick as time expired. Ten more seconds and Rothwell may have been finished.

That continued for two more rounds. The rare five round Heavyweight fight. JDS looked awesome, way faster, working angles, going back and moving to the side completely dominated Ben Rothwell.  JDS took it 50-45 across the board and just like that is back in the mix at the top of the Heavyweight division.

Back next Saturday for Henderson vs Machida, Rashad vs Glover and the return of Khabib on Fox. If you like these please feel free to share and re-tweet them, I appreciate it.


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