Jaqueline Eide Has Competition After Lincoln Woman Steals a Beer Truck

LINCOLN, Neb. —A Lincoln woman is arrested after stealing a stocked beer truck and leading police on a chase in Lincoln early Wednesday morning.

Danna Jean Hespen, 38, was arrested after crashing the stolen vehicle she was driving into a fence and ravine.

At one point, the University of Nebraska issued an alert for students to stay away from the east campus.

Police said the incident began around 5:30 a.m. at a Kwik Shop near 27th and W streets.

A driver found a women inside his freight truck and when he tried to stop her she locked the doors and started to drive off, authorities said. (Continued AT KETV.COM)


Move over Jacqueline Eide! There just may be a new Sheriff in town. The new bad girl of fun in Nebraska crimes Danna Hespen has arrived on the scene and she means business.  While stealing a beer truck isn’t as dangerous as putting your hand into a Malaysian Tiger’s cage it may be just as cool. It may just ..e as important in the landscape of Nebraska Crimes.

We’ve all been there before, 2 AM creeps up on you and the bars close. The bartenders want nothing more than to get out of there, they aren’t going to sell you any package liquor or beer to go after the 1 AM cut off time. You were having too good a time at 1 AM you totally forgot you had to get your beer then. The bartenders just want you out. So you and the crew go home to an after hours, maybe you have a couple rogue Bud Lights in the fridge, a half pint of Captain Morgan in the freezer and some warm Tequila in the pantry. You decide to try and stretch the good times out, but it only can last so long. Now it’s 4 AM on a Tuesday night, it’s either time for bed and you have to face Wednesday head on in just a few hours or somehow, someway you keep the party going. So you head to the local Kwik Shop and try to slide the Store Clerk $20 for a $9.99 of Natty Light and tell him he can keep the change. Him valuing his job like the Bartenders earlier, refuses to serve you and tells you to beat it. I mean we’ve all been there right? Maybe not on a Tuesday night, but in one form or another we’ve all been there.

That is the point we usually call it a night. Fine we’ll go to bed and wake up with a terrible hangover, but live to fight another day. A liquid lunch is only 7 hours away… But, not Danna Hespen though, oh no, no, no, no. Not Danna Hespen. Danna kicked it up another level. Danna decided the party doesn’t stop when the Law tells her it stops, the party stops when Danna says it stops. Danna became a Party Legend outside that Kwik Shop at 5:30 AM when the Beer Delivery bro was making his drop off, Danna Hespen took matters into her own hands. Danna Hespen commandeered that beer truck and took off, looking to rescue the party.

Campuses being locked down, police on the move after her, she didn’t care. She was trying her damnedest to make it back to the party, to not face the morning, to not deal with the hangover. Danna Hespen is a legend and while Danna Hespen didn’t ultimately get away with it Danna Hespen can party on Hype Gotti’s team any day of the damn week.

Live Look at the Lincoln Police Stopping Danna Hespen-

Danna gets a C- on that mug shot too. While no Eide, still a passable look for the Lancaster County Jail after a 12 hour bender.


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