I Hate These Little Shits Who Snitched On Their Dad For Driving Them Drunk

Now I’m not mad these kids ratted on their own father. Drunk driving, refusing to pull over, swerving I’m sure it was scary for them.  Myself? I wouldn’t have snitched but I get it. What I do have a problem with is the little media tour they are on congratulating themselves for snitching on the man who created them. This is a time to bunker down, be with mom and avoid bringing any further shame to your family name beyond what Dad just did. You deal with drunk driving dad internally, not for the rest of the country to see. You can’t drag your own father through the streets like he’s Cersei Lannister shaming him kids. Some real Joffrey like behavior from these little assholes.

m5k_wr(Game of Thrones returns in NINE days… CAN’T WAIT)

Again I can’t be mad at them for snitching. But going on the news to publicize it is some despicable shit. If they will turn their own dad in then good luck making friends going forward in school. Someone cuts class, Mackenzie going to snitch? Big party with booze and marijuana’s while you’re in high school? Don’t worry little Ethan will have the cops on the line and now everyone knows it. Good luck shaking that stigma for the rest of your lives kids.

Lets not forget dad either. You must SUCK at dadding Jason Behrens. The kids showing this little respect for you needs to be a bigger wake up call than the drunk driving in my opinion. As a kid nothing is better than road tripping dad time and these kids were willing to have you thrown in the clink just to get out of dad time.

That was some serious drunk face too. Or rosacea, one or the other. Cops didn’t even need to give a field sobriety test, that’s the face of a drunk guy. Thankfully no one was hurt.


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