Conor McGregor Tweets He Is Retiring (He’s Not)

First guess is this is him telling Dana “Fuck You, Pay Me” and the timing of it is amazing with UFC 200 coming up. The world is losing their shit though and I would pay $100 to see a Live Camera on Dana right now.


I’d have his current shade of red slotted at garnet.


Current odds of him actually retiring I’d say are about 20% but at that the guy did just watch someone die in an octagon a couple weeks ago, that could really fuck someones psyche up.

This guy makes too much money at too young an age with a ton more on the table. I can’t see him walking away from it just yet.

And if he actually does retire, then this makes a lot more sense –


Hunter always gets his man. Mania 33 in Orlando?

I think the most impressive thing about Nate is that he doesn’t fuck the to/too thing.


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