Dana White Goes On Colin Cowherd


Dana White on The Herd now. “Never, ever was this about money.” He also says he thinks Conor will fight again this year.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) April 20, 2016

I’m one of the premier Dana haters on the internet and he’s still lying in some fashion here like usual. But, I do respect him not being Conor’s little lapdog like I always assumed he was and at least claiming he pulled him off the card. I 100% figured Conor calls the shots and up until this point he has. Taking him off the biggest card in UFC history and each party is going to lose millions and millions of dollars.

The 145 belt means nothing to McGregor. He doesn’t intend on ever making that weight again so stripping him means little.

My new theory I’m running with though is Conor is injured and posturing. He has far too much pride and talked way too much shit on people pulling out with injuries to be one himself. So go and make some outlandish demands he knows the UFC won’t meet and attempt to paint them into the corner as the bad guys. If anything Conor has as much pride and self belief as anyone we’ve ever seen in the UFC. He’s not going to go out quitting against Diaz and he’s not going to claim injury to get out of a fight.

Conor tweeted and deleted this within a few minutes earlier this afternoon, radio silence since –


My current prediction is Jones dismantles OSP this weekend, Cormier in cage and UFC 200 has its new main event Jones/Cormier 2 while Conor gets things ironed out around then and headlines MSG this November.


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