Weekend Combat Sports Rundown Part 1

Poker News –  Olivier Busquet used a rain of vicious ground-and-pound strikes to mash JC Alvarado’s face, vanquishing his opponent with a corner stoppage at the end of the third round in their highly anticipated mixed martial arts clash. The bout, which was agreed upon shortly after Busquet put out a challenge to the poker world on Twitter in September 2015, commenced after six months of training. Busquet was coming in as the bigger man, agreeing to a fight weight of 187.5, while Alvarado had to make 165. Nonetheless, according to the terms of the scrap, Alvarado was coming in as the favorite as he put up $150,000 against Busquet’s $120,000. Busquet was a novice with no formal training, while Alvarado had been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a key discipline of MMA, off and on since 2011.

Leave it to some clever editing and two poker players to go out there and have their version of Forrest/Bonnar 1. That fight looked awesome and violent as shit.  But three rounds clipped down to three minutes I’m sure any fight could look that amazing. Give it up to Alvarado though, he was clearly undersized and took an absolute beating.  Would love to get a fight between a couple Pro Video Gamers and some Lingerie Football League chicks next.


Two poker players wagering more money in an empty gym than your billion dollar company is going to pay all but two or so fighters on a sell out card in Vegas that doesn’t 500,000+ buy this weekend will get. Must sting.

Before we get to UFC and Bellator how about a triple head kick knockout from Brazil last night?

The UFC 200 press conference was pretty uneventful. Dana just squirming while answering questions about Conor for most of it. As always though so amazing looks

Kevin Iole with a sweet iPad, Criss Angel back at it again and a dude flexing himself out of his sleeves. Spicy man!

 Kind of under the radar with UFC 197 happening as well Saturday night but GGG is back vs some scrub with the last name “Wade” GGG clocks in at a modest -10000 favorite for the match. After he cleans this dudes clock its time for a big time fight.

 Nothing of note at the UFC 197 Weigh Ins. To Bellator 153. Michael Venom Page kicked off as a -500 favorite and almost had the fastest knockout in MMA history. Dude just barely recovered and wound up tapping to a toe hold two minutes later.

Page has superstar potential. Sean Grande called him a cross between Anderson Silva and…. wait for it…. Bugs Bunny. OK!

Brennan Ward as a -600 favorite got tapped out with a Kurt Angle heel in like a minute to old ass Cyborg Santos.


Former champ Patricio Pitbull had a staring contest with Henry Corrales for a round in a half before a super slick giillotine.

In the Main event Andrey Koreshkov absolutely dominated Ben Henderson in his Bellator debut. Not even close, Henderson was undersized and outgunned. The fifth round is still going and I’m hitting post on this before Dana gets to fire off his traditional “;)” tweet when UFC guys fail after walking away. 

Back Sunday with a UFC 197 rundown. 

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