What A Guy Can’t Cruise Around Broadway With His Pants Off Now?

Nah… Nah… Can’t do that.


WOWT.COM – COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia. (CBPD Press Release) – A 19-year-old Council Bluffs man was arrested Friday morning for indecent exposure.

A woman told police she was walking near South Main Street and West Broadway around 11 p.m. Thursday when a man driving an SUV pulled over and asked her for directions to a grocery store. As the victim stepped towards the SUV she notice the driver was naked from the waist down. The suspect reached for the victim as she ran away.

Police found Pablo Escalante-Cabriales just before 1 a.m. still driving around and placed him under arrest.

I haven’t cruised Broadways since my early 20’s (like four/five years ago), I always suspected that cruising with your pants removed is just commonplace for the derelicts of the Bluffs though. I really had no problem with this story until I got to the part where he lunged for the lady. It’s not like he was in some Xzibit Pimp My Ride Fish Tank SUV, can’t do that… but yeah lunging for her? Can’t do that.


Quick tip for the Council Bluffs Police as well and this one is free- the next one will cost ya. Run this dudes name by INS. I don’t know anyone with that many vowels in their name and a legit Green card. Ship his ass back across the boarder before Trump gets wind of this and has him executed.

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