Weekend Combat Sports Rundown Part 2

Life lesson learned – Don’t type long drawn out blogs on your phone that can get high lite and deleted with one bad move on the toilet. Luckily UFC 197 wasn’t all that memorable of a show so I can run through this now real fast. But you should have seen the original blog, it was great.

It gets no better than Mike Goldberg’s pronunciation of Joanna Jedrzejczyk name though. Good job, good effort dude.


Typical in my life to have a +300 underdog who almost all of twitter had winning 29-28 and I thought it was pretty clear as well lose. Dominique Steele looked like a character from the Wire and was robbed of the decision.

Robert Whitaker ran away with a decision over Rafael Natal. Peak Joe Rogan here as he was trying to convince everyone that it was a razor close fight.

Battle for knock out of the night lets move to HBO for Triple G

vs Yair Rodriguez in the UFC 197 Main Card Opener over Andre “Touchy” Fili


Yair takes that one, even odds fight much more impressing than GGG’s -12000. Absolutely brutal. I’ve been on the bandwagon for a while now and this kid has superstar potential.

Monday Mornings

I think it’s safe to say Raphael Dos Anjos is in possession of Anthony Pettis’ soul. He took it last March and Pettis hasn’t been the same fighter since then. Eddie Alvarez bullied him around then Edison Barboza beat him at his own game on Saturday night. A move to 45 may be next for him. With three straight losses there isn’t really anywhere to go at 55.

Demetrious Johnson absolutely tore apart Henry Cejudo. A quick moment of excitement when Cejudo got the takedown but Johnson shook it right off and went to town on Cejudo. Johnson is probably the best P4P in the world but such a lack of competition that can compete it’s hard to know if that’s true or not. The guy could bother to promote himself and talk a little bit too you’d think. He should be a household name as far as UFC fighters go but he only does about half the job towards getting himself there.

Jon Jones returned and ran away with the decision vs Ovince St. Preux. I’m pissed because for years I’ve been wagering against Jon Jones just waiting to get my money back one day. Then Saturday night, that Jon Jones while great probably would have lost against Anthony Johnson. He was getting hit. Cormier may have blown it as well, I think he could have won against that version of Jones Saturday night. Garbage though because we know Jones will come back better for the rematch and the window may have just been closed on this fucker losing and me getting some money back anytime soon.

OVP did break his arm in the second round so I can take solace in the fact that had that not happened he may have won(he wouldn’t have).

Jones giving Cormier the birds on the way out of the cage was great too, would have preferred he went crotch chop but a birdie is cool too.

After pretty much hijacking the entire week last week it looks like Conor McGregor plans on doing the same again this week against the Overeem/Arlovski card. He tweeted at midnight that he is back. No comment from the UFC yet though, likely just posturing and trying to force their hand.

I will say this though, if he is posturing and just talking shit he is coming a little too close to Chael Sonnen levels of fuckery for me. Hell of a job promoting the fight, but if it doesn’t happen at 200 what was the point?

Now to hit publish without spell checking or editing, typed this thing out twice now. Back this weekend.

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