A Glimpse Into The Underbelly Of Society

I was honestly considering throwing in the towel on writing here. I was this close to being done. I tried like hell to make a blog, gather a following whether through MMA coverage, Wrestling misc and local interest stuff. I was very close to getting actually paid like a decent living wage for my writing. Rescue myself from this mundane life I’m currently living. I hit a wall creatively, my brain was just empty. I can’t really think of anything to write anymore. I am a bit beaten down and discouraged I didn’t get the job I was looking to land and was so close to throwing in the towel on all this. It’s very unrewarding to spend time on shit and get 100 views, 15 re-tweets and three shares on Facebook. What’s the point?

But after what I saw last night I can’t do it. I still have it, I have fight left. I genuinely enjoy doing this and once I can get past the fact that I’ll never be paid very well I have a lot to say. I’m reinvigorated. The thing that got me here originally, the one person not afraid to tell the tales of moronic, idiotic, hilarious behavior that goes on in Independent Wrestling saved me. I can’t quit. I need to deliver these tales.

I don’t have a lot to type or commentate on. It’s a true love story that writes it self. It doesn’t need my commentary from the cheap seats. But if I don’t share it, nobody else will.

Please meet Midwest Indie Wrestling Ring Crew Veteran – David Robb. David I’ve met a handful of times, always got along with. Super nice guy. So this isn’t a bashing blog, this is me propping him up. Giving a ring crew member the respect he rightfully so deserves. You see David is involved in a love triangle that exploded on his Facebook profile picture comments yesterday. David has not ONE but TWO bitches fighting over him. All I’ve got is a sore right hand and he’s out here pimping two hoes has them quarreling publicly on Facebook for him! A true ladies man. Lets get to the action-

We’ll wait before we get to things one other note that was brought to my attention after I had it surgically removed from my brain – David Robb did once post a pic of his hog on Facebook and didn’t take it down he instead argued with a chick that she liked it. Romeo like move.

Stuff to know heading forward – Cathy is his main girl and Samantha is the side piece. Jani? Well Jani is just another girl out here trying to throw him some poon tang. David has the IT FACTOR!

And what the hell! Does David have a twelve inch hog?! Two different girls talking about how good he beats it up in one post? I’m lucky if a chick says “See ya next weekend?” when we’re done? David Robb DICK GAME STRONG.

Love the use of “were” in past tense tense when he means present. That’s a little no education tip for you to use going forward.

Cathy like

Introducing GINGER ROBB! David’s over protective sister coming in to take care of her man. I’m not saying there’s an incestual relationship here but I’m also not saying there isn’t. That’s all.

Love Jani Ross calling him her sloppy seconds too. Girl you can’t go back on your word like that. You were just “O YA SO DAM GUD” to him minutes before.

Cathy almost made me sad by calling herself ugly. Can’t do that chick, you gotta have extraordinary confidence when coming after the king. She does gain points though by using the old “I know you are but what am I?” type response at the end there.

Ginger is a grandma!?

Yo I’m lost… What the FUCK is going on in here?

Jani Wins! Jani Wins! “Ha ha bitch” was absolutely ruthless.


“fitting” “fighting” whatever. Fitting way to end it…

It’s about that time that the goof troop showed up and derailed the thread. But for a while there we had a glance into the underbelly of society. Where a ring crew worker games up three different women while his sister throws shots from the sidelines. The only thing this tale was missing was a few uses of “wat”.

Shout out to MMQ for the tip off to the post. Any Idiocy going on on your Social Media direct me right to it. I may have been a bit beaten down by the process of this but I’m back at it daily now just doing this for fun. These are the stories the world needs to see.

Hit up David Robb on social media for your ring crew work, just beware he may fuck your wife, girlfriend, sisters or grandmother.


6 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into The Underbelly Of Society

  1. Kelsey Magnolia May 5, 2016 / 3:37 pm

    I try to read all of your blog entries and I am always thoroughly entertained. Glad you’re not throwing in the towel, I might not every comment but I always enjoy reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Cathy De Reus May 5, 2016 / 7:11 pm

        I to think U are great I will see U on friday if not on sunday then maybe on monday I love U

        Liked by 1 person

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