DaDa 5000 Is Back – Electric Interview With MMAFighting

Previously in DaDa 5000Dada Died One, Two Times Against Kimbo Slice

MMAFighting.Com – On paper, I shouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds. The world is mad because they thought that Kimbo was going in there and knock me out, you know what I’m saying. They didn’t understand the chief that lives within me. If what happened during that fight, did not happen, I would have knocked him out hands down. Hands down it would have been over.

The entire interview is worth a read. My dude DaDa 5000 is absolutely delusional and the world is a better place for it. We need more Dada 5000’s in the world. No quit in that man. Saying there is a chief living inside you is the new vote of confidence. I need that to start popping up in Pro Wrestling interviews. He says he’s going to be back “if not with Bellator or the UFC or none of those guys, I’ll do it for myself. I own my own league…” very savvy move acting like UFC is a potential option. Get out in front of that story and create your own narrative. Like me blogging yesterday that I am going to continue blogging here at making no money rather than taking a job writing for the Ringer or something. Yeah, that’s my call. That’s how I want things. But the best news of all- we haven’t seen the last of Dada 5000, he plans to be back, he has what six lives left? NOW KICKSTART HIS MUSIC!!!

Oh and one last thing- If you are sharing the Conor vs Floyd Boxing match story on Facebook or Twitter please stop. Contracts exist for a reason. Absolutely moronic that this is becoming a story.


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