Another Look Into The Underbelly Of Society (A 3 Year Old Who Facebook Beefs)

So I guess this is it. This is my beat. This is what I was put on earth to cover- fans of not even Pro Wrestling. Not even the highest art of things, it’s fans of independent wrestling and their bizarre actions. That is my beat. Some people were put on earth to win Nobel Prizes, some people dedicate their life to helping out starving children in Africa, some people try to cure Cancer. Me? Well, I am here to shed some light on the hilarious hijinx that Midwestern Indie Wrestling fans put out there in the public for us all to bare witness to. Look at me mom, I did it. I made it. I really became someone.


So let’s get to the tale of the tape today. My favorite sources for entertainment the last few years. The Burrs. Bobby is my dude, recently became a part time ref on some Lucha shows in South Omaha. He has “Gotti Country 4 Life” tattooed on his arm.

(all spelt correctly, nbd)

A True soldier of mine. His old lady/baby mama T-Dawg and him are on the outs though, things haven’t been the same since they broke up. The duo together was a never ending source of entertainment, separate them and it just isn’t as fun. It’s like Artie Lange leaving the Howard Stern show, two forces that don’t operate the same without each other.

Bobby or as I affectionately call him “Bubbles” posted nearly two months ago a little pick me up, just a little good morning to all his homies out there. Nothing too serious.

Then somehow, some way today their three year old son. The one I am apparently the Godfather of. Has learned how to type, spell somewhat, navigate Facebook and throw coherent thoughts together on a phone. Then dug up a two month old post and begin trashing the bitches who are after his dad.



Apparently Bobby really thinks his son his typing and posting. Didn’t get any of the thousand context clues that it’s really T-Dawg using her three year old’s Facebook to carry out internet beef.


That’s just good parenting there.


So Facebook savy knowing how to tag people into a thread. Nonetheless, absolutely heartbreaking. Nicholas don’t like u daddy?!?

I chimed in with a “Wats going on here?” and nobody has replied as of deadline. If I must I’ll get another volume up later this weekend. But in the mean time a quick update into last weeks Glimpse into the Underbelly of Society


Yep. Trying to secure that Skype interview with Cath De Reus to get the nitty gritty on our dude David’s sex game. I want to give the people what they want here.



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