Just When I Think I’m Out… A Lincoln Prostitution Pulls Me Back In #NoQuitters

Just When I Think I’m Out… A Lincoln Prostitution Bust Goes Down #NoQuitters

I needed time away from this. I grinded my cock n balls off trying to land a job, something that became a dream job. I was killing it for a while, 10,000+ views a week for three months. Even making a little money here and there, but I wanted more that wasn’t good enough. I wanted the 100,000 twitter followers and to be dependent on nothing other than my own brain and charismatic self to make a living. But, I came up short applying for the job, I failed. Like many things, wrestling, comedy and now writing I can say I failed at too. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the story, I can keep plugging away just like I’m going to do with wrestling. See if I can find my spot in wrestling, in whatever I’m doing here, in life, whatever it takes. Not the first (or hundredth) failure of my life and it won’t be the last. Luckily at 35 I only answer to and for myself so shit doesn’t have to go down like this. I’ll keep plugging.

Maybe land that same job again after reapplying in a few months.

You know what brought this all on? A Lincoln Prostitution bust. Nothing gets my juices flowing like Hookers, Johns, Prostitutes, Pimps and other desirable people of that world. So when it happens, when the history books close and they say ol Dusty here, Hype Gotti aka the Omaha Icon did it, he made it. They will look back on today, August 11th and see that it was a prostitution bust in Lincoln that brought me out of my funk. And guess what? There is no other way I would have it, it’s an appropriate place for this chapter to start.

12 arrested in Nebraska for sex trafficking related crimes

KETV- http://www.ketv.com/news/12-arrested-in-nebraska-for-sex-trafficking-related-crimes/41138152

LINCOLN, Neb. —The Lincoln Police Department conducted an undercover prostitution detail at an undisclosed location, resulting in 12 arrests.

Let’s get to the tail of the tape!

  • Brandy R. Cole, 27, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with prostitution


Don’t hurt em Brandy! If we’re being honest here this is a 9.5/10 on the Nebraska Prostitution ring. Her biggest mistake was sitting around here to make $40 flipping blowjobs when she coulda taken her classic bob hair cut to Vegas and made like $75 a pop without having the Lincoln PD breathing down her neck. Smarten up Brandy.

  • Jessica L. Hakl, 23, Omaha, Nebraska, charged with prostitution
    img_4422Everything Brandy up above did right with her here Jessica here is doing wrong. What the fuck is that bird’s nest chick? She looks like she got it cut with a peanut butter knife and was like “Nah I’m good” on the other side. Classic looking for meth so I’ll turn a trick look. Also, what kind of last name is “Hakl” buy a vowel babe.
  • Iris L. Jackson, 30, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with prostitution
    I’m sorry Miss Jackson, I am foooooo reallll, never meant to bust yo prostitution scam, I apologize a trillion times.
  • Mary Ann Wooden, 36, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with prostitution
    img_4429Look at that smirk! Probably just tried to flip a trick to the guard taking her picture. Mary Ann Wooden was put on this earth to hoe. Good for her, if your last name is Wooden you either play basketball or you get heavily involved in drugs and prostitution, two-way street.


  • Maurice L. Briggs, 40, Ralston, Nebraska, charged with pandering
    “I’m Not a Bad Guy, I’m Not a Good Guy, I’m just a Horny guy”
    Had no idea Roman Reigns was hanging in Nebraska during his Drug suspension from the WWE.

    But what the fuck? Pandering? You arrested him for pandering? That means he was just trying to ask for some free tail. How is that wrong? That means nine out of every ten dates I’ve been on I am liable to be charged with pandering at the end of the night? Not cool. Free my man.


Now we close up with the “Why you don’t get married” portion of the post. Each one of these guys is the classic off work at 5, rather than go home to nagging ass wife with no dinner on the table and some brat as kids let me see if I can find some hooker for $50 to give me a warm place to put it so I can forget the problems I’m faced with in my day to day life person. How is that for a run-on sentence? The kids still got it.

  • Dwain R. Borchers, 58, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with solicit prostitution
  • Joel K. Christle, 46, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with solicit prostitution
  • Scottie A. Hodtwalker, 47, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with solicit prostitution (IV felony, prior conviction)
  • Matthew D. McGlone, 23, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with solicit prostitution, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia
  • David A. Stencel, 54, Lincoln, Nebraska, charged with solicit prostitution
  • Vincent Valentino, 66, Lincoln, Nebraksa, charged with solicit prostitution
  • Cory L. Walcott, 42, Kearney, Nebraska, charged with solicit prostitution

 Hell of a 5-Man Rec league team we have here. McGlone running point, you just know this isn’t even the tenth worst thing he has done all week. A little smirk like glad this is what ya’ll got me for. Scottie Hodtwalker doing the dirty work, Scottie Hodtwalker is an A+ Pro-Wrestler name. Borcher/Stencel as a modern day bash brothers ( no doubt they’re somehow related) and Walcott grabbing boards with Christle as the coach. Classic coach look with the cheetah spot on his head. Who do you think has it in for them the worst when they get home? I gotta think its Walcott, dude looks like he will plea guilty and then shank a prison guard before going home to face his old lady.  And don’t think I forgot about you Vincent Valentino, classic name and your mugshot adverted the collection. Unfair. I got a bounty on Vincent Valentino’s picture. With a name like that the bitches should be paying him to fornicate, not the other way around.. Love me a prostitution bust man…

Back to the beginning of this post. That was just me psyching myself up to write about a prostitution ring. Might be back, might not. Who knows. Kinda beaten down by the process in all reality the juice isn’t worth the squeeze most the time… Except times like this-  whoever wrote this on my blog earlier this week, thanks it meant a lot to me. I have no idea who you are, would probably rather not know either. I’m not good with like human emotion other than laughter. But it was noticed and appreciated.

(Editor’s Note- I didn’t renew my grammar checker so this was likely a disaster spelling and gramatically)


One thought on “Just When I Think I’m Out… A Lincoln Prostitution Pulls Me Back In #NoQuitters

  1. BigHurt June 15, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    You know pandering means pimpin right?


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