Edward Rule Took The State From Me

I pride myself in being the king of Nebraska.

It’s just sort of my ‘thing’ you could say I guess. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, I’ve been a small fish in a big pond. That just isn’t for me. I’m a big fish small pond type guy, I’d rather have 99 pennies than a dollar bill. More is just plain better in my simple stupid little brain. That’s why I’ve enjoyed taking Nebraska over. Omaha my city, Nebraska my state. But this weekend, Labor Day weekend of 2016 I have to concede that there may be a new ruler. That’s part of being a great leader is knowing when you’re washed. When a new King has risen.

Edward Rule, may not be as cool of a name as Hype Gotti but it’s god damn close.  Edward Rule enjoy your reign on top for now, I’m going back to the drawing board and figure out what it is I have to do to take my city and state back.



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