Mount Michael Students Posed With A Dead Cat In Senior Photo


(OMAHA.COM)- Mount Michael students channel their inner Faux Pelini for senior portraits

Call it a class picture. Call it a tribute. Whatever you call it, it’s pretty funny.

The 56 seniors who graduated in Mount Michael Benedictine School’s Class of 2016 exited their high school years in style: the style of @FauxPelini.

What started years ago as an online joke while Bo Pelini was at the helm of the Husker football team has become a small but humorous part of Nebraska sports history.

Maybe you’ve seen the doctored image: the coach wearing a festive sweater and holding a fluffy cat. @FauxPelini — or Fake Bo Pelini — sports it as his Twitter profile picture.

For their portraits this year, each of Mount Michael’s seniors wore a red plaid blazer while holding an unhappy looking tabby cat.

Man, I just got done with one fake High School story last week and already have another to deal with? Is everyone out there so gullible?  All of the news outlets really fall for this? Can I tell the World Herald I have been suiting up for Gross all year to get their season forfeited? Can I light my car on fire and blame it on some Millard West Thugs? People just believe anything don’t they?

Look, I’m no mathematician but I’m pretty sure odds of hitting the Powerball are greater than having 55 of 56 kids all wear glasses in one class. A better viral attempt would be these nerds engineering a giant locker and the one real dude there Joseph Budd stuffing them all into that giant locker.

Inception though – Joseph Budd is actually the biggest nerd at the school and is allergic to the cat so he couldn’t participate. (It was that joke about Joseph Budd not participating or something along the lines of they should be happy he never shot the school up, cause not participating is some serial killer shit.)

Anyways, my dumb brain does realize Joseph Budd was probably just not there for picture day so couldn’t participate and is a totally normal kid. But I’m trying to create a narrative here… It’s obvious they were all messing around with the glasses (for the most part), jacket and cat. But something is off here…

The fishy thing is getting that cat to be still enough to take 55 pics, really? When has a cat ever stayed calm enough for that and not start clawing peoples eyes out? Playing hot potato with a life feline? R U CRAZY? Are the cops looking into this, where is Peta? Cats are the loyalest of animals, maybe have 3 cuddle partners per household but 55?!  Not possible. They either loaded that bitch up with tranquilizers or they were passing Friskey’s lifeless body around. Sick.

Anyways, this blog sucked. I just needed to get the fingers moving, typing, creating. Find that fast ball. Start looking for that fastball, I’m coming back…

PS- I wanted to joke about some of those Asian names. Putting my mind into a pretzel. But I gotta get the fastball back before I start wars with other Countries, Continents or whatever.


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