My Stupid Little Pea Brain Has Been Convinced CM Punk Is Winning Again


It’s dangerous to have a gambling problem

It’s dangerous to have a  peanut brain that is easily influenced with emotion.

When you combine those two things you have the recipe for an absolute disaster.

I kind of just assumed Punk would be put into a bodybag as soon as the fight was announced and I realized Mickey Gill is a legit MMA fighter. Punks striking looked a lot like min int he Countdown special. Then we get to fight week and Punk is looking like absolute shit, drained out and dry skin complaining about a difficult weight-cut he shows up to the pre-fight press conference with a suit looking like he grabbed off the clearance rack of the Goodwill.


After I saw that I was ready to find a loan shark, sell my car, do anything, get every dollar I had to bet on Mickey Gill. But then this morning it all hit me, I forgot… Punk comes from my world. Pro Wrasslin baby, he was working us all along… He shows up this morning at 170 somehow looking great, right on championship weight.


From there he goes to the public weigh-ins and gets right into Mickey Gill’s head. Refusing to shake his hand and little 24 year old Mickey is visibly shook.

Punk gives a smile and nod, as if acknowledging the long con worked. I’m back in on ol’ Phil Brooks. I’m assuming there is footage floating around that they wouldn’t allow Fox Sports to air of him looking like a prime Anderson Silva on his feet and GSP on the ground. Mickey Gill is in our world now, sorry dude. Punk by TKO in Round 1.

Or as my homeboy Matt Jackson put it, in a perfect world –

(I fully reserve the rite to flip flop tomorrow night and go all in on Gill)


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