UFC 203 Rundown (+ Triple G Fights)

In the appetizer for the UFC tonight was “Triple G” Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook at the O2 Arena in London.

A fairly even fight through the first four rounds then Brook’s corner threw the towel in. His team needs to go back to “Throwing the towel in 101” that was a pathetic effort dude.

Hopefully Canelo watched that and realize it’s a winnable fight with the right game plan. Let’s get that done before 2022. (Just kidding, Canelo would still get bodybagged). Word is Brook has a broken eye socket, probably get that towel in there a little bit quicker next time bud.

In the first fight on Fox Sports, Omaha Nebraska’s Drew Dober (-170) starched Jason Gonzalez in the first two minutes after a nice little kick to the junk.

Dober kept it real in the post-fight interview admitting he left himself wide open and wasn’t throwing with much accuracy. He had him though and should be a big jump up in competition from here for our boy Dober.

Jessica Eye and Bethe Correria’s was the other highlite of the weigh-ins.

Unfortunately that was more entertaining than their fight. Wasn’t a bad fight at all. But still weigh-in had me more pumped for it. Coerria (-130) took the split decision over Cleveland’s Jessica Eye. The crowd was booing all through Correia’s post fight interview, she dropped some F bombs but the translator sold us out and didn’t translate them.

Lets give it up for Bethes’s apple bottom though.

I couldn’t have cared any less about the Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne rematch until I saw their exchange at the Press Conference on UFC Embedded today.

Urijah Faber vs Jimmie Rivera. Faber got by one Rivera (Fransisco) a couple years ago thanks to an eye poked and looked to employ the same strategy here using a first round dick-kick and a third round eye poke. But no luck. Fairly underwhelming fight that felt a little cheap by only going three rounds. Two more we could have gotten a clear cut winner. But Riverera(-165) won via Unanimous Decision. First time Faber has ever lost in a three round fight.

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks comes out to Cult of Personality his WWE Entrance Music vs Mickey Gill (-450) out to ‘Hey Mickey.’ That was about as bad as it could have went for Punk. A sad and embarrassing performance. I respect the shit out of him for trying, but him and his coaching staff had to know he was no where near ready for that and out of respect for the support should have held off. Go back to wrestling Punk, it’s better to be great at something than god awful at another. Then we hear Travis Browne coming out to my Pro Wrestling music, along with the Punk performance I’m completely deflated.


I don’t know about those six Punk strikes either.

I’m not sure what the policy is for posting violence porn on Word Press so I won’t link to the fight. It’s easy to find out there though. Gall did gain extra cool points for saying he wants to beat up “Corny” Sage Northcutt and knock the golden spikes out of his head. Great promo work.

“Speak English in your ass”. Is such an amazing retort, it makes so little sense that it just makes sense.  I was pumped for this after that.

The fight itself was a snooze fest. Werdum had absolutely no respect for Travis Browne, throwing spinning shit and leaving himself exposed in all sorts of dangerous positions. Werdum (-270) won by Unanimous Decision. The crowd continued the trend of booing Brazillians, and well anyone in the octagon not named Stipe Miocic.

Then as the decision was about to be read something bizarre happened. Notable shitty coach to the celebs Edmund Tarverdyan was chirping at Werdum and took a little front kick from him then, the corners emptied and we almost had a Diaz Brothers vs KJ Noons and his dad brawl on our hands. Hopefully someone puts hands on Coach Edmund later tonight.

Overeem came out to the Pride theme and I almost liked him for a split second, but nah.

Stipe Miocic, from Cleveland came out to ‘Til I Die’ by MGK. A solid B+ there, but when in Cleveland you always Bone Thugs bro, everyone knows that.

Incredible one round Heavyweight fight. Stipe Micoic (-120) defeated Alistair Overeem by TKO. They both had each other rocked a couple times in the first before Stipe ultimately put him away with some nasty Ground and Pound.

Overeem continues to be a punk after the fight cause thats what he is and tries to say Stipe tapped out and they pull the footage in slow motion. Stipe clearly doesn’t tap out. Overeem still won’t admit he didn’t tap. This guy is just too damn much. After that bizarre exchange Rogan never got the chance to ask him what the sprinting running away game plan was all about.



Bittersweet tonight as for years I’ve been chasing after Overeem losing my money betting against him and tonight I finally get some of it back

In other results- Yancy Meideros (-120) choked Sean Spencer out in the second. Nik Lentz (-350) grinded out a Ground and Pound TKO in the second over Michael McBride. Brad Tavares (-210) won a split decision over Caio Magalhaes. Jessica Andrade (-135) defeated Joanne Calderwood via guillotine in the first round.

Overall a pretty forgettable show. The Punk and Stiep fights are worth checking out. Punk for the spectacle and Stipe for a genuinely good back and forth brawl fight. Now we’re 12 hours from Football, time to rest.


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