KMTV Is Trying To Take My Last Thing Left… Kitty Cat Cuddles

Why cuddling with your cat can make you sick

Pets Watching TV

KMTV– In a report released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it claims that cuddling with felines could make a person quite sick, causing damage to vital organs.

Although rare, the CDC said that cat-scratch disease can cause serious health complications, affecting the brain, eyes, heart and other organs. The study found that in an eight-year span, there were 4.9 cases affecting a population of 100,000.

The CDC found that the bacteria that causes cat-scratch disease in humans is more likely to be found in strays and kitties under 1 year of age. The CDC said that 40 percent of all cats are infected with the bacteria at some point.


Hey, KMTV, FUCK YOU… Let me spell it out for you, F-U-C-K Y-O-U dudes.

Where do you even get off printing some non sense like this?  What the hell is the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” anyways?

*Googles it*


Ok, well it’s a real thing in Georgia. But that is besides the point. After billions of years of cuddling with cats and getting nothing but love now you are going to just flip the script and tell me I’m also potentially damaging vital organs?  Just let shit go man. We don’t need a surgeon generals warning for cats darn-it. We drink alcohol it’s bad for you, people shoot guns it’s bad for you. Hell driving cars is dangerous, can we just have cats?  Is that too much? Let it go man!

And using that damn picture they attached to the article was entrapment if I ever seen it. I want to go dig a cat out of dumpster and cuddle the life out of it. You can’t show me a cat and not expect me to want to immediately begin cuddling it.

I mean lets call a spade a spade here. You could tell me there is a litter of 100 cats and three of them are carrying Zika, well I’m still cuddling every cat til I fall asleep. That old Trump Jr. Skittles metaphor coming in handy in a major logical way here.


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