Tyron Woodley Just Put Some Nerdy UFC Intern Into a Locker



If I’m that unpaid intern who posted that tweet I’m sliding out the backdoor right now. I don’t think Tyron’s playing here and he shouldn’t be. It’s one thing to throw some shade at a fighter like Chael, Benson or Rory Mac who left on their own terms after suspensions or losses, but to throw it at your newly crowned Welterweight Champion? Bush league stuff by the UFC. You guys are already struggling like hell in the public eye dealing with the backlash from the Reebok deal and how terrible fighter pay has been (see Al IaQuenta). The last thing you need is Social Media interns throwing shade at your superstars in hopes of getting past their prime steroid users over.

Unless of course it is Travis Browne beating the crap out of Brenden Schaub, them posting that clip over and over to get to sensitive Schaub was hilarious. How big of an arrogant dipshit do you have to be in order to be less likable than Ronda Rousey’s boyfriend? Hell of an accomplishment by Schaub.


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