When The Oldest Kid In Class Is 69 Years Old

Old Student CNN

(CNN) – Durga Kami, 69, was born into a poor family and lived too far away from school to receive a formal education as a child. But that hasn’t stopped him from finishing school now.

How about my man Durga Kami checking in with some Tuesday motivation for that ass?  Yeah your old man talked some shit about walking two hours up hill to and from school through the snow but Durga Kami? He didn’t talk it, he lives it… at 69 years old no less!

Just a Sophomore now you can see he already rules the roost at Nepal Baptist High. No telling how much upside he has a couple years from now during his Senior year, Durga is going to straight up slay is my guess. Would love a follow up story with Durga going for Prom King, hitting keg stands, maybe a classic prank war with rival school North Buddhist Platte. Really just living up that high school experience at 69 years young. I’m only half his age, so it’s not too late just yet to make something of myself I suppose right?


Also, gotta love CNN tagging the video with 69. You know who would like this type of heart warming story? Someone searching CNN.com for stories on 69. That’s who.

TFW you nailed the first day of school outfit.


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