Ol’ Lady Has Classic Excuse Why She Isn’t Drunk Driving

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 12.33.07 PM

Buffalo – A City of Tonawanda woman facing aggravated driving while intoxicated charges after hitting a parked car told officers the 1965 Chevy Nova she was driving at the time was “not my drinking car,” police said. She was charged with DWI, aggravated DWI and making an unsafe lane change.

Now I’m no legal expert, but you almost have to let her off the hook here, no?  I mean she wasn’t in her drinking car, can she make it any more simple for the Tonawanda PD?. The ’65 Nova, that isn’t for drinking and driving. Classic American Muscle, that isn’t the whip that you take joy-riding after having Seven Miller High Lifes and 6 shots of Johnny Walker.  Her drinking and driving car is probably a 88 Camry or a 92 Carolla, something you can fold up around a pole, do your 6 months house arrest and year probation then go drop $500 on to have a new ‘drinking car’.


Not gonna risk fucking that ’65 Nova Up, come on now…

Would love to hit this old bag up, throw some drinks down and go joy-riding in her drinking car though, probably roll that shit over into a ditch while Dukes of Hazarding it through some gravel. But that’s just why you have two whips, great decision making (other than the whole drinking and driving thing).

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