Chris Hansen Is Back And I Love It


From 2004-2007 the low key best show on television was NBC’s To Catch a Predator. Even after when it went into syndication for the following years it was still some of the best after hours entertainment you could find. The premise is very simple and cheap, nothing contrived like Congress blowing up during the Presidents Inauguration leaving the Parks and Recreation Director in DC who was fired earlier that morning to become the leader of the free world. Nah, nah pretty simple it’s just basically pretending to be a 12-15 year old child on the internet and luring them into your home when they came by with a $5 Hot-N-Ready from Little Caesars, Sixer of Wine Coolers and Rubbers for sex then having eight time Emmy Award Winner Chris Hansen pop out and question them, the perpetrator gets arrested, rinse repeat. An amazingly simple and effective premise that likely prevented many would be pedophiles from ever fully embracing that part of their being.

The show used to be about pure entertainment for me, but watching back now it’s kind of taken a darker turn. Friends have kids, family have kids and rather than mostly laughing at the idiocy it kind of scares you what that we still live in this world with people who would take advantage of children like this. Parents, no phones or social media for your kids til their at least 16. That’s my rule anyways. Would be dad of the year here.

The show had to go away though in 2007 though as it became too hard to entrap people as the show became so popular. But here we are almost ten years later and the heat has cooled off and with all the new avenues on Social Media to meet people, there are still sickos out their trying to wet their beak with children and Chris Hansen is back to save us. Get these creeps off the streets.

The new show is called Hansen vs Predator it airs on KXVO in Omaha at 2PM on Weekdays. The first three segments have leaked online and here are the ten best (I use that superlative very lightly here, maybe creepiest can be thrown in there as well) moments from these first three episodes.

In no particular order-

Chris Hansen puts an ever so delicate label on the people we’ll be dealing with


Pedophiles have the game on lock by offering free of charge Drivers Education courses


The perp offers a handshake and Hansen stone walls him. Ice Water coursing through Chris Hansens veins.


On a rainy night in Connecticut this 40 year guy is going to cuddle with a 13 year old girl. Someone gag me.


“This phone call is going to creep you out” – Chris Hansen with pin point accuracy


The wide range of emotions this creep goes through a creepy hug to a 13 year old girl then Chris Hansen coming through a hallway “Hey Boo”ing him, oh man.


Not gonna lie, need more of this female detective talking dirty.


A “To Catch a Predator” classic when the Pedo knows Chris Hansen and almost shits their pants. Hansen then drops the hammer, the old “We’re getting the band back together again” straight up chills! Lets clean these streets up Chris!


In a shocking plot twist, this creep is also sleeping with 15 year old boys. Oye.

Bad news pedophiles, the boogie man is back.

Great to have Hansen back. Him repeatedly referring to the Predators as Creeps was unintentionally hilarious as well. You can find the first three episodes on the YouTube channel located here.


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