Melissa Santos and Brian Cage Embarrass Themselves Equally On Social Media

I am having a hard time determining who the loser is here. On one hand you have Melissa Santos going online to put a man and his families business out in the open. I get you’re hurt honey, but advertising to the world you have a broken heart while bringing another mans family into it is a terrible look. Do what any other Instagram Honey would do and post up with some other muscle head, take pics and drive that nail into his weakened (physically and metaphorically) heart.

On the other hand you have Brian Cage openly groveling for a chick who quite obviously wants nothing to do with him. This is almost a victory for nerds who never went to the gym. Lift all the weights, eat all the egg whites, bag one of the hottest women on earth and you still wind up on the ‘Gram acting sad and desperate?  Begging for her attention like that is some 16 year old kid going through puberty shit. Man up dude, have a ball sack for me one time would you? (There is a steroid/have a ball sac joke in there that was just low hanging fruit so I didn’t use it.) 

This dude is basically Milton in Office Space still showing up after he’s been fired.

Like, nah man she released you. Can’t keep showing up Woman Crush Wednesday’ing her(on a Friday no less).

All in all, I score it as they both lose. A small victory for nerds who don’t go to the gym and bother with attempting to look like that.

But you know who ultimately wins? Roderick Strong… Yes Roderick Strong wins this battle, he showed how you treat a woman stepping out of pocket.

Cuckold City, population #QueenAndTheMachine Roddy running that place.

One thought on “Melissa Santos and Brian Cage Embarrass Themselves Equally On Social Media

  1. fuckface September 28, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    lmao this site is a ghost town


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