Can’t Knock This Guys Hustle Sliding In Abigail Ratchford’s DMs


Shooters shoot and Richard_P here is the Steph Cury of the sliding into the DM’s Instagram game. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so you gotta respect this move here. You know how many times a woman like Abigail Ratchford has heard “Im so horny send newdz” probably 200 times a day on the conservative side. But how many times a day, week, month, year does someone come at her with the ol’ “My parents died in a car wreck yesterday and the only thing that will make me feel better is your nude pictures released publicly for the first time to some creep on Instagram” request? Probably, uhhhh NEVER. So while it didn’t work and ultimately got him put on blast on the Gram, I’m not mad at the move. The guy is a gamer, he is probably working on his next angle for Abi’s nudes as I type this, my advise- Make a Wish Foundation, pretend you’re dying bro. It’s your last wish to see those prestigious Abigail Ratchford nudes. Also love in his greeting that he mis-spelled her name, negging her right off the bat. That’s how you get hot chicks. Nice guys finish last, like 50 said, get rich or die tryin.

Oh and a quick check up on Richard_P’s Instagram, seems like he is coping with his parents death very well now as was at the Gun Range in Texas four hours ago. (Yo, Abigail may want to file that restraining order ASAP)



Take it away Abi…


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