Conor Gillaspie Of OMAHA NEBRASKA’S Three Run Homer Eliminates The Mets From Playoffs

That’s the Omaha, Nebraska difference there. Love this city. From Millard North, joining the ranks of Eric Crouch, Lance Cade and Jayden Draigo as elite level athletes coming out the school. I’d never heard of Gillaspie until he came up to bat in the third inning tonight and had no idea he was even from here until I saw a tweet from KETV after the game. Then he comes up in the top of the 9th, blasts a three run homer preserving the dominant game pitched by Madison Bumgarner.

I threw a large wager down on Bumgarner tonight, even though he’s been pretty bad by his standards lately you don’t bet against that man in October. Shout out to Gillaspie for helping him seal the deal. The Giants have the Cubs next and I have a feeling the Cubs are screwed.

MadBum is a serial killer.


Oh and Gillaspie’s first MLB Home Run? Inside the park.

(Dodgers over Red Sox in the World Series though, Book It)

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