UFC Fighter Josh Samman Dead At 28


MMA Fighting.Com

Josh Samman died Wednesday after being in a coma since last week, MMA Fighting confirmed with Broward County (Fla.) Medical Examiner and Trauma Services. He was 28 years old.

Officers from the Hollywood (Fla.) Police Department found Samman unresponsive, and his friend Troy Kirkingburg dead, last Thursday evening at Kirkingburg’s home, per a police release Monday. Samman was breathing and had a pulse at the time. The Tallahassee Democrat reported Saturday that Samman was in a coma.

Police responded to “a call of a possible drug overdose,” according to the statement.

Very sad. Guy was a good fighter but had an even better body and hair. The kind of hair that won’t let me cut my own because I strive to have it as good as him (and body as well but that will never happen). He was also a very good writer and I always checked for his stuff at SB Nation. Seemed like a very bright dude.

His girlfriend died in August of 2013 in a car accident while they were texting each other.  He took that very hard and was never really over it, sucks that something so simple could lead to a domino effect leading to him dead a few years later himself.

His head kick KO of Eddie Gordon was one of the greats-

The Body

The Hair

The Body and the Hair20151218033836_img_7770

RIP Josh Samman, March 14, 1988 – October 5, 2016


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