Love Shawty Lo’s Funeral Stopping By The Strip Club One Last Time


St. Louis America

Shawty Lo casket stopped by strip club

Last week, Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo died in a horrific car crash on the way home from the Blue Flame Lounge gentleman’s club.

Before he was laid to rest, Shawty Lo’s casket was driven by his favorite after hours spot one last time on Friday night – the evening before his funeral services.

The Blue Flame used the establishment’s Instagram account to share video footage of the rapper’s strip club processional.

Love it… No, I mean it. I love it. Great move here. Way to show proper respects to the man who coined the hit “Dey Know” he loved strippers then you pay proper respects and take him to the Strip Club to get one last dance before going six feet under. Hopefully one of the strippers hooked him up with a two songs for one at the very least. Funerals are expensive as shit I hear.

As much as I love the move for a legend like Shawty Lo. As much as I’d like to say take Hype Gotti to the strip club, take Hype Gotti to his bookies house and a wrestling show when I’m dead and gone. I just can’t be with it, cause ya know… I’m dead. But that is just semantics when you break it down, do your thing Shawty Lo.

PS- Forgot how dope “Foolish” was til it just came up on my Shawty Lo mix I was rocking with today at the gym.

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