Man In Wheel Chair Tries To Rob Downtown Bank, Shockingly Doesn’t Get Away

On the surface admit it, you said to yourself “What an idiot! How could he possibly think that would work!?” No, no, no my friend. You’re the idiot. I LOVE this move, I mean absolutely LOVE IT. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

A time when the county is looking for hope, we’re potentially facing some of our darkest times with the political landscape and this dude goes and gives us that hope we so desperately need. No move has ever personified the American spirit more than this. Land of the free, home of the brave. They have the Special Olympics for the physically challenged, but what about the criminals? The Physically Challenged should be afforded the opportunity to break the law just like the rest of us. Sure he doesn’t ultimately get away with it but he only got taken in “for questioning” kind of like a handicapped sticker, a get out of jail free card thanks to his trusty old wheel chair. Back to the drawing board, maybe start with a low level crime, some jay-walking, littering, walk out on a tab first and build your way up to robbing banks dude. (Would be a great story if this ends up being some classic insurance fraud and he’s scamming his employer on some Workers Comp. I can dream)

Guys is probably down at Corrections eating a bologna sandwich, apple and orange drink. Enjoying that free meal while waiting on his bed then to see the judge tomorrow. Get a little slap on the wrist and be on with it.

Also, not to be forgotten gotta love him taking the ambulance as well.  Such a veteran move, no room for your wheel chair in the back of a cop car, get that stretcher, the comfort, the space.


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