Mystery Manor Getting A Citation For Assault Is Bullshit



OMAHA, Neb. — Omaha Police have cited a suspect in an assault case WOWT 6 News first broke last Friday.

We met with a woman who told us she had been assaulted by an employee at the Mystery Manor haunted house in Omaha last Wednesday night. You can find our initial report here.

After we reported the claims, a witness stepped forward and confirmed to police what she told us. On Wednesday, Brenton Donaldson, 27, was cited for 3rd Degree Assault.

The suspect reportedly grabbed the victim by the hair and pushed her head on a table for 10 to 15 seconds. Donaldson denied the accusation and told officers he was following policy consistent with his character’s role.

Donaldson has not been booked for the suspected crimes but he will have to face a judge concerning these matters.


Grow up lady!

You know why I don’t go to Haunted Houses toots? It’s because I don’t want to be assaulted. It’s pretty much an unspoken agreement that the moment you walk into any legitimate Haunted House that all bets are off.  Haunted Houses are like International Waters, anything goes there. It’s these drama and band geeks time to play dress up, hide themselves and extract revenge at all the people who picked on them in their life to that day.

This is like those idiots who sue McDonalds for making them fat or watch the debates then complain about how the country is in the shitter… ya think? Somethings are mutually exclusive and Assault + Haunted Houses are just one of them peanut butter and jelly folks. I’d have it no other way.

I have a group of friends going to the Villisca Axe Murder House in two weeks to spend the night. Legend has it that 100 years ago a man, his wife, kids and the kids friends, were all murdered in the house while they slept. All killed with an axe and the house is still haunted to this day(to be rented out to the public, satirized and capitalize financially on the death of a family, America).

Look, they’re all my friends but they get what’s coming to them. If someone doesn’t at least lose a small limb in some freak accident or experience extreme mental trauma that puts them in the Loony Bin for an extended stay then the trip was all for nothing. You want to hang out in the confines of a haunted Axe Murder home poking fun at death, making a mockery of it? Then you reap what you sow. Gods justice my friends.

(This blog was very difficult to write because the news channel in the next room has a sassy lady talking politics and she’s said “The game is fixed” and that the Clinton team is “Plottin n Schemin” no less than 20 times… and now she is talking about how she’d never date a guy with a man-bun. Well fuck you too!)



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