So Omaha Is Getting An NBA Team…

Full Article Located at CBSSports

I’ve heard that once the CBA is finished, the expansion bidding could be announced as soon as December or as late as the All-Star Game in February. There are going to be numerous other cities competing with Seattle to get the expansion franchises as well. I do not know if there is just going to be one slot or two. Other cities I’ve heard that are going to be making a play for expansion are Louisville (they have all their affairs in order and ready to go), Pittsburgh, Omaha, Las Vegas, Vancouver, BC, and Mexico City. Kansas City and St. Louis have been brought up as well, but I can’t confirm the validity of their interest.


Omaha: This is… a little weird. It’s the 74th biggest market, and its fan makeup does not suggest it would go all out for an NBA product. I’d say I can’t imagine trying to sell an NBA free agent on Omaha, but I would have said the same thing about OKC. It hosts large sporting events (like the College World Series), but it seems like a weird fit for an NBA team. CenturyLink Center has just under 19,000 seats and was built in 2003. It’s a little long in the tooth but would do for the short-term.


Hi hater. Shmarket market. You don’t have to tell me twice. It’s just how my stupid brain works. You tell me there is even a chance, smallest chance in the world that something is going to happen and I’m wired to believe it as as fact.

Pittsburgh? Has enough sports, they have probably never even seen basketball.

Mexico City? How will they even get to the US for road games when Trumps wall is erected? The Mexico City Cartel is a dope ass team name though.

Vancouver you already tried and failed, you’re out.

BC? Is that Brittish Columbia? SAWFT. Stick to soccer.

Vegas? Has disaster written all over it.

Louisville? You already have a team of kids making millions to play basketball coached by Rick Pitino.

That leaves Omaha as the only real viable option.

Don’t give me that shit about Omaha being a hard sell for NBA Free Agents either. I lived in Los Angeles as well and chose to come back here. Put me on the welcoming committee for potential free agents. I’ll show them all the Omaha hot spots, after they go bowling at Scorz, hit the Lazy River at Fun Plex (three months out of the year) and spend a night at T-Henry’s there is no way a rich, tall, world class athlete(black), millionaire, good looking, has the world by the balls and wealthy athlete decides to go anywhere other than Omaha.

And if they are on the fence? Just show them this video, sure to have them laughing in stitches and on the phone with their agent arranging to make Omaha home and probably enlist all these hilarious people into the entourage while I’m sitting on the corner broke still trying to pen funny-ish blogs and get ten retweets and twenty likes as if it means shit.


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